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Parts of the steam hose
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 The reclaimed rubber products processed from waste rubber and waste rubber products are complete in variety and low in price. Among them, hb EPDM reclaimed rubber retains the excellent high and low temperature resistance and anti-aging properties of EPDM rubber, and butyl reclaimed rubber continues Due to the original high air tightness of butyl rubber, it can replace part of EPDM or butyl rubber in high temperature steam hoses to reduce costs. It is understood that the reclaimed rubber itself has good vulcanization performance and processing performance, and can improve the rubber mixing process and vulcanization process of high temperature steam hose. Special hose for super wear-resistant steelmaking slag transportation, large-diameter hose for slag transportation in steelmaking plants, slag is a special-shaped medium with different styles, especially after combustion, some slag may have sharp edges and corners. In the process of conveying, the wear-resistance coefficient of the inner wall of the hose is several times higher than that of ordinary wear-resistant hoses. Therefore, this special product of Litong is a special hose for conveying steel-making slag with super wear-resistance. The inner rubber adopts UPE layer. , The inner wall of the hose is more wear-resistant and has a longer service life. MT98 mining wire wound rubber hose is used in mining hydraulic support, oil exploration, mining machinery, construction machinery, lifting and conveying machinery, ships, metallurgical engineering, agricultural machinery, injection molding machines and various mechanized and automated hydraulic systems. The layer is made of black oil-resistant synthetic rubber. In order to ensure the effect of low bending, the reinforcing layer is made of one or more layers of super-soft high-strength steel wire woven. The outer layer is black oil-resistant, weather-resistant and wear-resistant synthetic rubber. Continuous operation in an environment of +100°C (-40°F~+212°F). Provide a rich functional suite for operational service innovation of product-related products and solutions, build a manufacturing data center, deeply mine equipment and user value, customize products for customers, and provide complete solutions, Litong fluid equipment, for the company Provide one-stop industry solutions. Professional fluid technology professionals can improve mature fluid technology solutions for customers and create value for customers.Corrosion-resistant steel wire rubber hoses are mainly used to transport liquor, edible oil, condiments and other industries. Due to the imperfection of the food industry in the past, in order to reduce production costs, manufacturers use low-cost polyvinyl chloride hoses for food delivery. Since the Jiuguijiu plasticizer incident last year, the state has focused on rectifying safety issues in the food industry, and all food pipelines must use food-grade hoses that meet food-grade requirements. The inner wall of the chemical hose is made of smooth fiber mesh reinforced polyvinyl chloride composite material, petroleum gasoline, aromatic hydrocarbon diesel, etc. Its performance characteristics are smooth inner wall with fiber mesh reinforced polyvinyl chloride composite mesh, petroleum gasoline and aromatic diesel oil, copper wire and pipes that meet ohm requirements; lubricating oil, etc.More information about the price of high pressure steam hose will be updated gradually, so stay tuned. Tags you may be concerned about: price high pressure steam hose Related tags Article quantity: price (22) high pressure (269)

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