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Hazards of mixed steam to hoses
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The structure of the general wear-resistant sandblasting pipe should include the following parts: the first part, the inner lining layer, also called the inner rubber layer, is located in the innermost layer of the hose and directly contacts the medium; the second part, the outer rubber layer, also called the outer covering layer, It is in contact with the external environment and generally has anti-wear and corrosion resistance properties; the third part, the reinforcement layer, is located between the inner and outer rubber layers and consists of natural or synthetic fabrics laid by appropriate methods. Most of the oil is not as we imagined, as long as the oil well is drilled to the oil layer and pumped up, a lot of oil is hidden in the cracks of the stone, so the oil fracturing technology was born, referring to the oil fracturing technology , in the oil rock formation, the use of oil pumping pipelines to shoot the rock out of the pores, allowing the oil shale to produce cracks. Ultra-wear-resistant acid fracturing hose is used for acid fracturing, sand fracturing, water fracturing, water fracturing, water-based, foam, acid-based and other fracturing fluids in well completion operations. High temperature steam ptfe Teflon Luohe Litong Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. has the control room of automatic rubber compounding production line, automatic rubber compounding production line, crimping machine imported to Germany, Mooney high-speed Mooney viscometer and vulcanizing machine. Provide better technical support for production. In the production process, we are committed to maximizing the quality and performance of our products, so as to provide customers with satisfactory products. Litong has a research and development team of more than 80 people. According to the application scenarios of various industries, Litong has developed industrial hoses and multi-functional hoses. It has completed 16 provincial and prefecture-level scientific research projects, obtained 14 invention patents and 17 new application patents. . On the basis of research and development, Litong successfully passed the inspection and obtained the qualification of CNAS certification laboratory. At the same time, it established a school-enterprise joint laboratory, jointly established with Qingdao University, and established a research center.
A lot of steam is a mixed water vapor formed by mixing water vapor and calcium oxide. When heated, it will focus on the surface of the pipe to form a thin water film. In addition, under high temperature corrosion, steam will generate pressurized water in the pipeline, which will greatly increase the safety hazard. If it is heated, it will accumulate and form reaction cracks. Because the steam is difficult to mix with a large amount of air, it is helpful for acid and alkali soaking, and it also inevitably causes damage to the environment. PTFE Teflon hose is an industrial hose with a perfect combination of rubber and PTFE resin. Teflon hoses are produced from PTFE resin with high elasticity and low microporosity. It is a good choice in the gas, liquid and chemical transportation industry. The spiral surface is specially designed to prevent liquid clogging and solidification, making it easier to clean. Can be used to transport water and food on devices that connect water, food and beverages.
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