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How to Store Air Brake Hose Correctly
release date:2023-05-18 14:33:41
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Your vehicle's brake hose is crucial for keeping your car, truck, or trailer in control. They are made from either rubber or stainless steel, and they provide a high level of chemical and heat resistance.

The most common type of hose is made from flexible rubber. However, these hoses are prone to cracking and breaking due to prolonged exposure to heat and pressure.

Dimensions of the air brake hose

The air brake hose is made to be used in heavy-duty applications that are exposed to extreme conditions. The brake hose should be stored correctly to avoid any damage from exposure to extreme temperatures and moisture.

NHTSA has suggested a few changes to the dimensions of air brake lines, as well as to the requirements for test pressures as well as tensile strength. These changes are part of an NPRM that was published in May 2003.

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