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Sand blasting hose
release date:2023-06-15 15:38:07
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Sandblasting hose, also known as flexible enhanced sandblasting hose, is a suction and discharge hose that is blasted with an air compressor. The rubber material makes the blast hose have excellent wear resistance and durable life. The sandblasting hose can be flanged for tight installation and removal on the pipeline. Unlike other rubber hoses, discharge and suction hoses, including blast hoses, consist of cord or fabric and helical steel wire as reinforcement. Inner layer: high-quality rubber with high wear resistance (the raw material is added with a special reinforcing agent to make the inner layer have high wear resistance, high toughness, and high pressure resistance. The wear resistance is equivalent to 2-3 times that of traditional sandblasting pipes) Reinforcement: suitable for low or high working pressure conditions (fabric reinforcement + steel wire helix = suitable for low working pressure applications; cord reinforcement + steel wire helix = suitable for high working pressure applications) Covering: High-quality rubber. Anti-aging and wear-resistant Sandblasting hoses are widely used in rust removal, sand recovery, and concrete delivery in construction projects such as tunnels, roadways, and rooms.

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