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Industry demand for EPDM rubber
release date:2022-07-08 15:25:41
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On March 24, 2022, ARLANXEO Synthetic Rubber Company announced that it will increase the annual output of its Changzhou EPDM rubber processing plant by 15%.
ARLANXEO's statement added that demand for EPDM has increased due to the acceleration of new infrastructure construction and engineering projects in the automotive industry in China. The project is "independently designed and implemented" in the Chinese factory, and involves "improving downstream applications to achieve high efficiency and sufficient product supply".
The operation plan is expected to cover the production of various grades of Keltan brand EPDM materials produced by the processing plant with an annual output of about 160,000 tons. Such products are used in 5G construction, ultra-high voltage, charging piles and big data centers in the field of new infrastructure construction.
Other applications include: train and rail transit system components; new energy vehicle profiles; washing machine gaskets and air conditioning dampers.
With improved efficiency and supply, we want to support our partners in capturing growth opportunities in a rapidly changing environment, said Lu Boyang, vice president of sales for China at Arlangesin University of Science and Technology. "
EPDM rubber has unique molecular structure and performance characteristics, as well as excellent heat resistance, ozone resistance and aging resistance, so it is an excellent choice for the production of steam hoses. The rubber products produced can be used for a long time at 120 °C, and can be used for a short time or intermittently at 150-200 °C. Reasonable coordination can further increase the operating temperature range. These are the important factors that most of the high temperature resistant steam pipes in the current market prefer EPDM rubber, which also ensures the normal use of the steam hose under high temperature conditions.

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