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Slurry treatment wear-resistant pipe
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On September 14, 2017, the company was identified as "the designated enterprise of the People's Bank of China Prosperity Survey", and on September 7, 2017, the company signed the largest equipment purchase contract: 100 Mayer knitting machines will be deployed in 5 years, making it the first in China. The company's third-phase project was officially deployed, and the company's annual production capacity doubled again. With the help of the Litong e-commerce platform established in 2015, it vigorously develops domestic and international markets, and delivers Litong's products to various markets across the country and even around the world. Litong Hydraulics has developed into a R&D and sales enterprise step by step from a production and sales enterprise. It has successfully established Litong Qingdao Research Institute with Qingdao University of Science and Technology Materials, and established a rubber compounding building, an experimental center, and a testing center. , to ensure product quality and improve production safety and environmental protection. Behind the honor, it reflects the efforts of the company's R&D personnel. Litong continues to innovate and research and develop, especially in the field of high-end hoses and basic material research and development. In order to better provide customers with high-performance products, Litong accelerates the development of new products, actively attracts outstanding talents from multiple disciplines, and focuses on the research and development of new materials. Now there are 55 technicians with master's degree or above. The research and development team and Qingdao University of Science and Technology established the Rubber Research Institute , strengthen school-enterprise cooperation, insist on research and development innovation, continue to launch new products, launch new overall fluid solutions, and establish a first-class and perfect service team. In 2010, Litong owned Henan High-Pressure Rubber Hose Engineering Technology Research Center. The company sought technical cooperation with universities and successfully established Litong Qingdao Research Institute with Qingdao University. A steady stream of research results and new technologies have been applied to rubber and hose products, making Litong at the forefront of advanced rubber hose manufacturing. And the api oil hose has passed the API certification, in line with API 7K, 16C, wear-resistant sandblasting and abrasive hose The customer is a manufacturer of mud handling equipment, and its main customers are the following industries. Mine: iron ore sludge dewatering, gold mud dewatering, ceramic polishing sludge, ceramic raw materials, bauxite tailings, washing plant sludge dewatering, quartz sand sludge Construction: sand washing mud, piling sludge, river sludge, sand making Mud, sand mud, construction sand mud, pickled steel slag mud, artificial marble, stone polishing mud dehydration. Abrasion resistance is required due to the irregularity of the material; the current design for this customer is a pipe for mud handling equipment. The customer has been working continuously for 1.5 years without replacement. The double-layer abrasive material injection pipe is mainly designed to transport abrasive, sandblasting and shot peening materials. The rubber used inside has excellent wear resistance under the condition of good electrical conductivity, and the pipe body transports many media. It has strong friction, this type of choice can well protect the use of the pipe body, and the rubber used in the outer layer has good wear resistance and oxidation resistance. The design is rare in China, it can well protect the use of the tube body and prolong the service life.More about - wear-resistant sandblasting and frosted hoses will be updated gradually, so stay tuned. Tags you may be concerned about: wear-resistant sandblasting frosted hose Related tags Article Quantity: Wear-resistant (327) Sandblasting (75)

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