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Wear-resistant suction and discharge pipe for mud dredging
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 Letone has market-recognized research and development achievements, won Luohe City's innovative enterprises, provincial scientific research awards, has a national laboratory CNAS, and has 16 invention patents and utility patents. Litong presided over or participated in the formulation of national standards, In the domestic rubber hose industry standard, it has won the National Science and Technology Award and the Industry Authority Award, reflecting the company's position in the rubber hose industry and maintaining the company's leading position. There are many kinds of sealing products on the market now, and the work requirements are various. For example, they must have good heat resistance and oil resistance, and can resist the corrosion degree of chemicals. The working pressure is also a reference factor. These harsh requirements are required. The improvement of product production technology, so our technical department thought of using rubber seals for mechanical seals, which can not only meet all the above requirements, but also have elasticity and lower compression set, which is the technical advantage of Litong Hydraulics. The material of the steam hose is EPDM rubber, which is not resistant to mineral oil, but also not resistant to high temperature oil, heat transfer oil, etc. This material has excellent resistance to saturated steam and hot water, and can reach 230 degrees in an instant. The water vapor, EPDM rubber has good acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance. Good ozone resistance. Good UV resistance. Litong Hydraulics has recently passed the certification of military industrial enterprises, and the Equipment Development Department of the Central Military Commission issued the "Equipment Contractor Registration Certificate" to the company. The content of the certificate is "After review, Litong Hydraulics meets the qualification requirements of equipment contractors, has been registered and compiled in the "List of Equipment Contractors of the Chinese People's Liberation Army", and has successfully passed the certification of military industrial enterprises. Military industrial enterprise certification is a major breakthrough of Litong in the military industry.Double layer frosted material injection pipe: This pipe body is mainly used in steel mills, mining and so on. The inside of the pipe body is made of black NR rubber with electrical conductivity, which has good wear resistance, and the outer layer of the pipe body is made of black SBR/NR mixed conductive rubber with wear resistance and oxidation resistance. Continue to work under a constant pressure of 10Bar (150PSI), and the middle of the tube is reinforced with a double-layer fiber textile cord with high tension. Wear-resistant sandblasting scrub hose This suction and discharge pipe is suitable for mud dredging in rivers, lakes, oceans and other places. The slurry suction and discharge hose has good wear resistance. The device includes three parts: reinforcement and cover. The pipes are made of high-quality synthetic rubber, such as NB, SBR, BR, etc., to make them wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The reinforcement layer is made of multi-layer high-strength helical wires, so the torsion resistance is good. High-strength reinforcement, so that the hose can adapt to high-pressure environment. The outer sheath of the hose is made of synthetic rubber including NR, SBR and BR, which is resistant to wear, corrosion, weather, ozone, aging. A hose with good elasticity can be in close contact with the pipe through the flange.More about - wear-resistant sandblasting and frosted hoses will be updated gradually, so stay tuned. Tags you may be concerned about: frosted hose wear-resistant sandblasting Related tags Article Quantity: Scrub(5)Hose(569)

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