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Wear-resistant powder conveying hose
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 Powder conveying hose is an anti-wear hose commonly used in suction occasions, with anti-wear solids, such as dust, woodworking dust removal, engraving machine dust removal, woodworking machinery rubber hose, ceramic machinery blanking, dust removal for sweepers, leaf collection vehicles It is very suitable for dust removal, powder, fiber and slag, active media such as oil vapor and welding fumes and industrial dust removal and suction. EPDM has a wide range of uses, such as tire rubber strips and inner tubes, as well as auto parts, as well as wire and cable sheathing and high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage insulation materials. It can also be used to make light-colored products such as shoes and hygiene products. When EPDM rubber is used for rubber products with strict weather resistance requirements, it is necessary to select rubber compounds with low dihydroxy content to prolong the service life of rubber products. Wear-resistant sandblasting and frosted hose The valve of the steam system is very easy to dissipate heat, resulting in heat loss. In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the insulation of the steam system. Because the shape of the steam valve itself is relatively complex, and the steam valve requires frequent operation and regular maintenance, it is often seen that the steam pipeline has good insulation, but the steam valve is not insulated. The manufacturer of high-temperature steam rubber hoses here reminds you that proper maintenance of steam hoses and pipeline valves will bring you greater convenience and benefits. The company pays attention to the development of products in the field of environmental protection, and the suction and drainage pipes it produces are used in wastewater, production sewage, chemical suction and discharge, and other municipal fields. At the same time, it is used in construction machinery, environmental protection equipment, and infrastructure equipment. At the same time, its new materials, wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistance enable it to be used under high corrosion and high acid and alkali conditions, avoiding secondary pollution and ensuring personnel safety. Its non-adhesive feature also avoids a lot of trouble during use. On July 24, 2019, the company went through thousands of experiments and inspected from various parties. The Upe multifunctional sandblasting pipe was successfully trial-produced, which solved the shortcomings of frequent replacement and easy damage of pipes in sandblasting and sand suction industries. Litong adopts equal-diameter technology, and the rubber hose with 8 times wear resistance coefficient of super carbon steel was finally born, producing multiple models and multi-functional sandblasting hoses. The product performed outstandingly in the customer's field experiment, and the service cycle far exceeded the customer's expectation, bringing surprises to the customer. Double layer frosted material injection pipe: This pipe body is mainly used in steel mills, mining and so on. The inside of the pipe body is made of black NR rubber with electrical conductivity, which has good wear resistance, and the outer layer of the pipe body is made of black SBR/NR mixed conductive rubber with wear resistance and oxidation resistance. Continue to work under a constant pressure of 10Bar (150PSI), and the middle of the tube is reinforced with a double-layer fiber textile cord with high tension.More about - wear-resistant sandblasting and frosted hoses will be updated gradually, so stay tuned. Tags you may be concerned about: sandblasting frosted wear-resistant hose Related tags Article Quantity: Sandblasting (75) Scrub (5)

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